10 Nose Shapes That Reveal Secrets About Your Personality

Know your nose: Here are 10 nose shapes and how they affect your personality

The perfect nose shape considerably defines our look, which is why every other actor is obsessed with shaping up their nose well, either through contouring with makeup or nose uplifting surgeries. We all have unique nose shapes, just like our different personalities. Many people believe that this most striking feature tells stories about our personalities. Let’s have a look at various nose shapes and what secrets they reveal about our personalities. Do check if the analysis matches your personality traits in actual or not.

The SMALL nose:

Small nose type

The small nose is narrow with very thin nostrils. Those people whose nose shape is small are apparently the most cheerful ones. However, they lose their temper very quickly. They usually like to stay private.

The HAWK nose:

Hawk nose shape looks more like a beak of the hawk. It has sharp edges and a bend in the center. People with hawk nose are the most confident ones. They define their own terms to lead their life. They don’t pay heed to what people will say about them or what will be the consequences of their doings. You will see them standing tall and prominent amongst their fellows.

The BIG nose:

The long shape of the nose can be determined by wide tips and large nostrils. The long shape of the nose can be defined by broad tips and wide nostrils. However, the bridge of the nose can be long or short. Many people mistakenly recognize long nose as the Nubian or fleshier nose. People with long nose crave power and prefer to work independently. They always plan for something big and find it difficult to get along with people.


The bridge of this nose looks like a slope, and there is a dent in the middle. However, its tips are lightly turned-up. The people with the celestial nose are known for their optimism and positive attitude. They never give up and look for adventures in their life. They can be loyal friends as well.

The LONG nose:

The bridge of long nose extends from the flare of nostrils. The people with the long nose are born leaders. They keep their spirits high to invest in risk factors and make the most out of the adventure. They can initiate a successful business because of their sharp instincts. They are ambitious, and nothing stops them.

The NUBIAN nose:

The bridge of the Nubian nose is long, and the nostrils are wide. It seems as if nostrils are hugging the bridge of the nose. It looks a lot like a long nose. The people with this type of nose are more outspoken and express their feelings and emotions with much ease. They look attractive and charming, are open-minded and can be great public speakers or successful marketers as they can communicate with people and influence them too.

The BUTTON nose:

Button nose type

The button nose is indeed the cutest one of all and the most attractive nose shape. You can characterize it as dainty and soft with a perfect portion of the bridge and nostrils. The people are button nose care a lot for people around them, love them, support them, and are kind and humble. They are fun to hang around with but sometimes, exhibit signs of emotional instability as well.

The ROMAN nose:

This narrow-shaped nose keeps the lifted bridge and is known as a strong nose. You can identify headstrong people with the Roman nose. They know that they can influence other people with their strong communication skills, and they make the most by affecting others. These people are ambitious and stay organized.

The FLESHY nose:

Its roots are narrow, and its tip is bulbous. People with flesh nose are always in a hurry. They are quick thinkers and act instantly without taking much time for which they make losses in their businesses. They hate to waste their time and are aggressive by nature. However, they can be loyal and caring partners.

The GREEK nose:

This nose is straight and long with narrow nostrils. People with the Greek nose seek for the logic behind every move and are the most intelligent people. They are known for keeping secrets and can give you their shoulders in times of need. However, they highly depend on their partners for their emotional well-being.

How to get the perfect nose shape?

The cosmetic surgeries are revolutionizing the beauty industry, and now it has become easier to have the most attractive nose shape through rhinoplasty of the pointy nose. If you are thinking to get a pointy nose job shapes done, then set an appointment with a surgeon first and discuss with him how can you enhance the beauty of this unique facial feature and look more appealing. The surgeon will evaluate your face structure and features before deciding for the pointy nose job. Your health vitals are also crucial to examine for pointy nose rhinoplasty, and there are also many risks involved in nose uplifting.

Can you change shape nose without surgery?

The answer is Yes. There are also some exercises like yoga breathing techniques which you can do if you want to shape the nose without a pointy nose surgery.

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