Losing a Dog Is More Painful Than Most People Think

Losing a Pet Is More Painful Than Most People Think

If you ever want to experience true and unconditional love, you should adopt a puppy, when puppies are trained well, with care, love and a little discipline, they grow up to become loyal dogs and a forever friend.

They will always make sure that you feel loved and wait for you impatiently at the door until you come back from work just to shower you with hugs and kisses.

Ask any dog owner about their dog and they’ll say how amazing and awesome having a new best friend is. Dogs are the perfect company. They’re always happy to see their owners. Whether they’re gone for five minutes or five hours, their dogs will be waiting eagerly at the door to welcome them home. They love playing around and can do tricks and pranks to make everyone laugh. They’re great with kids and will always offer love and care, no matter the situation. Dogs are always there to cheer anyone up and are quick to offer a warm hug and a bit of comfort when it’s needed. The dogs are amazing! However, this makes it all the more difficult to say goodbye when the time comes. It’s far more painful than what many people think.

Final Goodbyes

The fact that dogs are so amazing and wonderful creatures explains why so many people find it too difficult to say goodbye to their dogs when they finally pass away. However anyone looks at it, it’s still the loss of a best friend and loved one. Losing a dog is, and always will be, a traumatic and painful experience for everyone. Many people underestimate the pain felt after losing a dog, cat, parrot, or any other pet for that matter. It’s for this reason that researchers decided to investigate the extent of sorrow owners feel in the aftermath of losing their beloved dogs.

loyal dog

It’s difficult to understand the pain a person goes through when their loyal pets pass away, and scientists look into it.

Some of them even said that according to them, the death of their pet seemed to be more lasting than the death of a loved one.

How much does it hurt?

Mascota Y El Hombre Pet German Shepherd

To find out the extent to which dog owners were hurt when they lost a dog, researchers decided to set up an investigation. The study was carried out in the Department of Psychology at the University of New Mexico. Here, researchers questioned dog owners about their feelings after the loss of their dog. It’s no surprise that all the dog owners agreed that the pain has just been too intense and deep to handle.

This isn’t the only research that has been done on this difficult topic either. Hawaiian researchers have also initiated some studies into the pain felt after losing a dog and interestingly, they have even found that the pain after the death of a dog is usually much longer lasting than the pain which is felt after the loss of a loved one. It’s universally agreed by many people that they simply cannot compare the pain that they experience after the loss of their dog to the one after the loss of a loved one. Both hurt very much, but the fact is that dog owners are deeply connected to their dogs. So much so that losing them is like losing their soul mate. It’s just too much for the heart to handle.

There’s no doubt about it – the death of a beloved dog is difficult and tough to bear. It’s understandable why so many people say that the pain and hurt are just too much for them. As the owner of a dog myself, I cannot help but think about that dreaded day when my little pooch passes. Just thinking about it is enough to turn my stomach over many times. That day is inevitable but until then, it’s important to have fun with our dogs while we still can. Hopefully, my dog has many years of life left in her for us to run around and enjoy, as do many of yours! Just take things one day at a time and enjoy it while it lasts.

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